Thursday, May 17, 2007

Book Suggestions

Dear LazyWeb,

Currently at my job we have 3 Debian severs, 30 Windows clients and 4 iMac clients so I am look for good book suggestions for various topics pertaining to our lab. The reason for the books is that my replacements can have something to help them learn about the topics but also as a reference in case there is a problem. So ideally the books would be good for learning and reference. The topics are:

  • Debian Server Administration

  • Samba

  • Mac OSX

  • ipTables

  • Any other general Sys Admin book

Any suggestion can be left as comments to this post or email them to



Tristan Sloughter said...

Linux Administration Handbook

The one with the cartoons on the front.

Jordan Wilberding said...

I am pretty sure O'reilly books makes one of those pocket book versions for iptables. I think I have seen it before at borders. I love those little pocket books.

GT_Onizuka said...

For OS X, what're you trying to learn exactly? Running OS X geared towards power users might be something up your alley.

Special Kevin said...

Thanks for all the good recommendations. I will look into the suggestions made.