Friday, July 06, 2007

I am more evolved than you!!

On Sunday night I had gallbladder pain so I went to the emergency room, it turn out that my gallstones had moved and decided to demand that my gallbladder be removed now. We were planning on doing this next week but my body decided to jump the gun. So now I am out of the hospital with one less unneeded body part, my gallbladder, hence more evolved. The stent they put in before to keep the ducts from being blocked by stones got lost in my bile duct so I still have to have surgery to get that removed. The can be done as an outpatient so its not a huge deal.

I really want to thank everybody for their concerns and messages via SMS and Twitter. Luckily twitter gave me something to do while I was in the hospital waiting on doctors. If you want to be my friend on twitter here is my page.

UPDATE: Fixed typos, I blame those on the pain meds.


Freddy Martinez said...

I'll raise you an appendix.

posingaspopular said...

hey kevin, I hope it all turns out well for you.