Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bring on the Bling

Last night I gave in and decided to try out some desktop bling for my computer. My pimp'd out desktop can be seen below:


All I had to do was to enable compiz since with Foresight it comes installed by default just not enabled. I also wanted to check out Avant Window Navigator, it is the dockbar that is on the bottom of the screenshot. I also wanted to check out Affinity, it is the new menu that is in the top left corner of the desktop. If you want to install either of them on Foresight use the following commands:

sudo conary update avant-window-navigator
sudo conary update affinity

However, I do have some issues with compiz so if anybody out there has any solutions please let me know. Here are my issues:

  • When I switch desktops with the Cube, i.e. alt+ctl+(left or right), it doesn't really switch desktops it just minimizes the open applications and then they will reappear after the cube spins around for the number of desktops I have, so after 4 spins. So to sum up I can't switch desktop with keyboard shortcuts.

  • The desktop switcher in the bottom right corner will not display what applications are open on each desktop. It works fine without compiz enabled.

I fixed Avant Window Manager to the correct name Avant-window-navigator. Sorry for any confusion.


Tristan Sloughter said...

I had that same problem and sometimes worse with the desktop switcher. And many other problems that would come and go with Compiz. I guess it is still a very buggy piece of software. Hopefully the get that thing stable one of these days :). Doubt that'll happen with the Beryl people rejoining, haha.

Interesting looking menu, but why all the empty space?

And its Avant Window Navigator... unless Foresight changed its name for some reason (hopefully not since its not a window manager).

Joshua said...

You can make the desktop switcher with compiz enabled reflect the compiz desktop system by right-clicking on it, selecting preferences, and then changing "number of desktops" to one.

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