Saturday, March 31, 2007

A month with Epiphany

I decided that since Foresight has decided to have epiphany be the default browser I figured that I would give it try for a month and see how I like it. Today is the first day of this experiment, I have tried epiphany out before but I always find myself going back to firefox whenever I run into a problem. This time I am going to try and fix any issues that I run into. After using epiphany for a couple of hours I have generated an initial list of issues if anybody has any suggestions about fixing them they will be well appreciated.


  • Session Saving: This is a big thing I miss from firefox. When epiphany opens it would be nice if it could open the tabs that were previously open.
  • Have Cursor in Address Bar When New Tab Open: I would like to have the cursor be in the address bar when I open a new tab. This can be accomplished if I have the default home page be blank, but I would like to do this with a webpage set as the default home page.

If you have any solutions to these issues please leave a comment with the solution. Also if you know of any must need epiphany extensions please leave a comment with them.


Luca said...

Hey there Kevin,
I've been using Epiphany for a very long time now and I gotta say I don't miss Firefox at all. About your first problems, the Session restore is a default thing in Epiphany, I am not sure where to set it but I have it. The cursor in the URL when opening a new tab is frustrating I know, but I'm used to doing ctrl+l now. For some other comparisions you might want to check out this link from a GNOME hacker:


ken said...

You should file issues in bugzilla for those. Both of those features would be popular, and if you don't ask... it will never happen :)

Really, as you find annoyances, go file enhancement requests.